about me

My name is Thomas Stauffer. I work as a physique and lifestyle coach with a focus on general population.

You may be wondering what my qualifications are and why you should pay attention to me. Let's face it - there are many coaches out there especially online.

That's why it's important for me to show you how I differ from other coaches.

I have been passionate about the fitness industry for 13 years. I started to work on my body at the age of 16 and quickly found great interest in doing so as good and efficient as possible. Soon I realized that there is much more to it than simply a huge confidence boost. Not long after, I started to devote every free minute I had to learn more about health, fitness and the psychology of the individual.

I have been self-employed as a Physique and Lifestyle Coach for 3 years and have spent my time developing and perfecting the Step Up coaching program for general population.

There are so many courses, books and trainers teaching the ways to train high level athletes. But these methods are just not working for the everyday general population with a full time job, kids and a balanced lifestyle.

To become the best possible version of myself I started to focus highly on my education. In total, I have invested over SFr. 70'000 in my international education and training to become the specialist for the General Population that I am today.

Now I see it as my calling to help others who are interested in making a difference in their physical health and emotional well-being. I want to be the friend, the coach, the mentor I was looking for back then at that time.

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By joining my coaching you are finally looking to remove “selfish” from serving yourself first & replacing it with “selfless”.
Upgrade your mind, body and energy by serving others less and prioritising yourself first, to become the best well rounded leader in your own life, mentally, physically and emotionally so you can give the best version of you in all areas.

Your future self deserves all the happiness, freedom & joy in the world. Which means you need to give your future self a better fighting chance than your past self has given you today.

I want you to build an improved relationship with yourself so that mind and body works as a unit to turn you into an unstoppable machine in all areas of your life instead of your body being abused for poor choices that you’ve made.
By helping you take responsibility & ownership of everything you have done up until this point in your life, we can rebuild the foundations so you can find yourself again & upgrade all elements of your life instead of seeking validity, acceptance and happiness from other people.

Because, you will NEVER get yourself from anyone else. It’s your duty, role and responsibility to serve yourself first.

Our focus here is not to just eat “calories” but to nourish from a health first system. With your busy structure and schedule we know how easy it can be to make poor decisions based upon time, convenience and environment.

Our goal is to hold you to a higher standard than you’ll hold yourself whilst ensuring we operate from a “KISS” (Keep it simple stupid) system, so you can improve your body shape, energy, health and performance whilst using a dynamic and flexible approach to ensure everything we do compliments, not complicates your lifestyle and business.

Our mission is for you to have full autonomy over your nutrition, whilst knowing you have the very best support, systems, frameworks and education behind you to ensure you’re thriving, maximising performance and eating for health, optimal function and enjoyment.

From general fitness training to health-oriented build-up training to hypertophy-based performance training, we advise and support you efficiently and on a regular basis in our Personal Training Gym in Basel. Every training session you invest your time in will be used consistently and optimally, without letting the fun fall by the wayside.

In this respect, personal training is not a luxury, but simply the most effective and sustainable way to achieve your goals. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done sports before in your life or if you’re a competitive athlete who wants to go even further – at StepUp Coaching you’ll receive individual advice and the personal training sessions are tailored precisely to your level.

Differentiated Muscle Building
Efficient Reduction of the Body Fat Percentage
Learning of an Appropriate Sports Nutrition

We use different strength training methods, which are determined and periodized by the individual goals of each client (relative strength, functional hypertrophy, hypertrophy). As soon as your body gets used to a method, we redesign the program so that you reach your goal without detours and you can maintain your mental focus.

We believe that training plateaus do not exist, only poor programming.

Online Coaching is a new and exciting way to offer life changing transformation and fitness coaching to the clients.

It can be utilized by anyone, anywhere, offering convenience, responsiveness, flexibility, and affordability.

Best of all, I can empower my clients with more accountability and support than I ever could in person. Leveraging the power of the internet and cutting out the overhead costs of the gym, means that you get even more for your investment.

Online platforms and mobile communication tools can be wired and made accessible to my clients, even if they’re hundreds or even 1000s of miles away. The best part. The program is your program, no longer limited by rules at the gym, scheduling necessities and financial obligations to a host of other parties. I can give you precisely what you need when you need it.

You got to throw the word training out the window.

I will be your concierge giving you what you need when you need it, no matter how those needs change over time.


Let's Reach Your Goals Together