Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about training at Step Up with Thomas Stauffer

What requirements should I have as a customer?

The most important thing is that you have a desire for change and are willing to change or optimise certain habits. No previous knowledge of fitness is required.

How often should I train?

As a rule of thumb the following tip: One training session per week makes it possible to maintain the current state, with two training sessions and more per week the improvement is set in motion. Depending on time and budget, however, a one-time personal training with further training sessions on your own, for example in your own gym, is also possible.

Is it possible to train independently without a trainer in the studio?

Yes, we are not a public gym but a limited number of people can use the gym alone for a membership fee.

I do not live or work nearby, is there still a possibility to be looked after?

Yes, there is the possibility of online coaching. Here I support you with
Training and nutrition planning either by e-mail or video chat.

Is there a possibility to come to personal training in pairs?

Yes, this is possible. I also offer the possibility to arrange two trainings. Each person receives an individual plan and individual nutritional advice as in the regular 1:1 trainings.

What is satellite training?

 If you already have a membership in a commercial gym, we support you with nutritional coaching and the creation of an effective training plan. We will discuss your progress every two weeks and adjust the plan to your needs. For this you can come by our gym or make a video chat.

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